Buckinis Chocolate Clusters

Chocolate Buckinis are a wholefood mix crafted from a blend of Raw Cacao and Coconut with a selection of superfoods and fruit to give it a sweet and tangy twist.

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 50g
Serves Per Package: 8

Energy 871kJ(207kcal) 1740kJ(414kcal)
Protein 4.4g 8.8g
Fat-total 6.9g 13.8g
– saturated 5.2g 10.3g
Carbohydrate-total 31.4g 62.9g
– sugars 14.5g 29.1g
Sodium 11mg 21mg

Health Benefits

Why is activation good for me?

Activation starts the sprouting process, removing the enzyme inhibitors and making the nutrients available to nourish your body. The final step is to dehydrate the buckwheat, nuts and seeds at a low temperature. This preserves the vital nutrients and gives our Buckinis their crispy texture. And why do we do all this? The answer is simple – so that when you wake up to Buckinis, you’ll feel great on the inside and activated to start your day.

Why do we activate our buckwheat?

Well, most cereals are puffed or toasted under extreme heat or pressure, which destroys their nutrients. We prefer to make the most of our ingredients, so we activate them. Activation is the same as sprouting – soaking the seeds in filtered water to release the enzyme inhibitors, bringing the seeds to life. Enzyme inhibitors exist to keep the seed dormant as it waits for the right conditions to germinate. This means they also prevent the nutrients in the seed from being released into your body when you eat it. Activating makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.

Country of Origin

Product of Australia


Activated Buckwheat*, Evaporated Coconut Nectar*, Coconut Chips*, Cacao Powder* (8%), Currants*, Raw Cacao Nibs* (6%), Cranberries* (Apple Juice Sweetened*, Sunflower oil* <1%)


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